Operating at the edge of California, Peripherie Design Studio is situated in Lake Tahoe’s basin south end of the lake. The design studio harnesses its geographical location for creative freedom. To be at the edge of, or to be an outlier, is an excuse for experimentation. Inherent in our work is the ability to elevate the culture of our built environment in ways that are unique to their context. Which is to say it is not enough to just make aesthetic gestural narratives about a place, but to do work that posits questions rather than provide finite solutions. By shifting our perception from the singular to the multiple, we embrace holistic thinking. We believe design is a catalyst for social progress. We like to think about design from the scale of an urban development to the typeface. Therefore, it keeps us versatile, nimble, and comfortably uncomfortable. The pioneering spirit of the Sierra Mountains is still alive- it beckons our need to not just see, but to use our peripheral range of multi-sensory perceptions. From the corner of our eye.